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ok ok...

2009-12-13 14:02:41 by TehYeh

I know we just posted a screenshot of our website but something didn't feel right about that one. So for the second time here is our brand new fresh and doubt free website. We like it alot more than the other one it is alot more exciting and we hope you will like it to.

ok ok...


2009-12-10 12:38:36 by TehYeh

Hello Ladies & Gents, you may be aware that we have recently posted our game called, 'snowball keepy uppy' which was only really a test to see if we could do it. But we have other plans for christmas too. You can be sure to see the sequel (and alot better version) of, 'The Big Christmas Game' and also we have plans for a new game which we have decided to call, 'Christmas Conveyor Belt Challenge'

So everything is christmas, Oh yeah I almost forgot.

Merry Christmas. :-)

By the way we want you guys to see what our fresh website is like so take a look....


Our Website :D:D:D

2009-09-03 11:35:10 by TehYeh

Hey guys we have made our website, you can visit it Here

also if any of you want to your afflicates on our sites just send us a message and will put them on, (as long as you return the favour.

Thanks Guys



2009-08-30 15:33:57 by TehYeh

Sorry everyone for not being on in ages and not making the second christmas game like we said we would :/ but life goes on and we are thinking of making another game, we want to learn how to do more on flash, so look foward to seeing our stuff in the portal soon :D

The Big Christmas Game 2

2008-12-20 09:19:23 by TehYeh


Got Some Good News For You, Were Pretty Close To Finishing our game we have been also been browsing the audio portal for some good background music, but everything seems to be going good and we hope you guys will like it when we put it on the portal.


The Big Christmas Game

2008-12-10 14:28:03 by TehYeh


Our Game "The Big Christmas Game" Has Just Passed Through The Portal! :)

Just Wanted to say were already working towards a sequal to the game which will be a big improvement, thanks to everyone who voted the first game through, And we will reply to all comments

Thanks Again